The Different Kinds of Cabin Bed Furniture

posted by : CarBari Thursday, May 27, 2010

A cabin bed is a bed that is lifted from the ground - some need to be climbed onto with the help of an attached stepladder whereas some are just high enough for someone to climb onto himself or herself comfortably - so that the space between the bed and the ground is used for storage. It is a very useful piece of furniture that optimizes the use of space in the room, especially the factor of the height of the bed - which is used to the designer's advantage when designing the bed. Some beds utilize even this storage space in very interesting ways in terms of design and embellishments, having compartments that open out to form desks - or play spaces for children.

They can be classified according to design, use and the person who is meant to use it; there are many different kinds of cabin bed furniture - but, of course, each bed's design is unique - sometimes so unique, as to deserve a category all to itself. Or simply you can Choose Full Bedroom Furniture

First there is the captain's bed; a kind of cabin bed that is loosely based on the kind of bed one finds in a ship - complete with storage space - and headboard and footboard. These beds are available in traditional wood or newer materials like aluminum; although the traditional wooden captain's beds look much more elegant and stylish than the cabin beds made in any newer style. The captain's bed has the largest amount of storage space and comes with drawers - and sometimes, wardrobes. It is ideal for situations where space is constricted and optimizes the use of space. A captain's bed is a very good choice for a children's bedroom - or a smaller guestroom - and is increasingly becoming quite popular.

Then there is the pine cabin bed. A pine cabin bed is a very traditional piece of furniture that goes very well with complementing pine furniture in the bedroom. It has more class than newer styles of cabin beds - and has ample storage space, depending, of course, on the individual design of the bed. It might be too traditional and elegant for a child's room - but again, if it is a pirate ship themed bed, the pine wood makes it look all the more real - because ships were made of wood. The pine wood drawers and storage spaces give a very traditional and elegant feel to the bedroom - if one can only complement it with wooden furniture that has a similar look and feel.

Then there are themed cabin beds for children; these, in themselves are of different types. Some have pirate ship themes - some have sports themes - some are shaped like castles with towers and slides instead of stepladders. These are extremely fun styles in cabin beds - and can sometimes be a little too much - but your child is sure to enjoy sleeping in a fairytale like castle or a wooden house or a sailing ship. Both boys and girls cab get to choose from a wide variety of interesting themes available on the market - some have little studies or wardrobes incorporated in them - you should look through different types and categories on different websites selling cabin beds and full bedroom furniture.